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Uxbridge is located on the ancestral home of the Anishaanabe Nations (Ojibway, Cree, Huron, Wendat, Algonquin, Chippewa, Mississaugas). The first settlers in the area were Quakers who started arriving in 1806 along with other British Loyalists following the American revolutionary wars. Most settlers to the Township of Uxbridge came from the Catawissa area of Pennsylvania. The Uxbridge Friends Meeting House which overlooks the town from Quaker Hill was built in 1820, and is the community's oldest building. The Toronto and Nipissing Railroad arrived in Uxbridge in 1871, and for over a decade Uxbridge was the headquarters of the railway. Shortly after the arrival of the railway, Uxbridge became a village in 1872, and reached town status in 1885. You can enjoy and learn all the Uxbridge Historic Homes by following the Uxbridge Walking Tour Brochure. Unfortunately some of the Uxbridge Historic Homes have been lost over the years.  One example is Joseph Goulds stately manor that once stood where our town hall is now.   You can also learn about some of these homes as we add them to our blog,

The Historic Joseph Gould Property: A Journey Through Time The Historic Joseph Gould Property: A Journey Through Time 62 Mill Street, Uxbridge, Ontario – CIRCA 1866   Located at 62 Mill Street in Uxbridge, Ontario, the Joseph Gould Property is a storied piece of local history, encapsulating over a century of architectural and familial evolution. This blog will take you through the fascinating history […]
Joseph E Gould Residence Joseph E. Gould Residence – Circa 1874 –     The Joseph E. Gould House: A Historical Gem in Uxbridge Built in 1875, the Joseph E. Gould House stands as a testament to the architectural and historical heritage of Uxbridge. This charming residence was commissioned by Joseph E. Gould and his wife Elizabeth, and constructed […]
Ira Crosby Residence Ira Crosby Residence – Circa 1873 – 49 First Avenue, Uxbridge     History of the Ira Crosby Residence. In 1873, Ira G. Crosby embarked on a remarkable journey, purchasing a prime lot at the intersection of First Avenue and Dominion Street from Joseph Gould. On this plot, he commissioned the construction of a striking […]
Samuel Umphrey Residence Samuel Umphrey Residence (c. 1871)     Discover the captivating history of the Samuel Umphrey Residence, a Victorian Gothic marvel erected in 1871 by Samuel and Elizabeth Umphrey. With its charming decorative touches like the frieze on the verandah and the ornate bargeboard on the gable ends, this house leaves a lasting impression.     […]
The Methodist Parsonage The Methodist Parsonage  – 1878 – 40 Second Avenue   The Methodist Parsonage – Present Day     History of The Methodist Parsonage Located at the intersection of Second Avenue and Dominion Street, the Methodist Parsonage, now known as the United Church, stands as a silent witness to history. In 1878, the trustees of the […]
The Wheler House The Wheler House 1860     The Wheler House stands as a historical testament to the evolution of architectural styles and the adaptive reuse of buildings within the community of Uxbridge. Built in 1860 by Edward Wheler, this charming 1 1/2 storey Ontario Cottage style home originally sat at the corner of Brock and Main […]
89 Toronto Street South 89 Toronto Street South Presbyterian Church Manse ~ Circa 1875 ~     The History 89 Toronto Street South was constructed around 1875. The imposing structure is believed to have been built by Joseph Gould, a pivotal figure in the early establishment of our town, for his daughter Elizabeth, following her marriage to Reverend Edward […]
Bascom – Williams House Bascom – Williams House 70 Main Street – Circa 1872   According to the Uxbridge Heritage Register, the Bascom – Williams House built circa 1872 was a small square frame house that was later bricked but has since undergone a number of changes.  The property was originally owned by Dr. Joseph Bascom.  Dr. Bascom owned all […]
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Robert H. Perry Residence Robert H. Perry Residence – Circa 1920   According to Uxbridge – Scugog Historic Homes and Heritage Buildings, this fieldstone home (the only one built within the town limits) was built by Robert Perry after he purchased the lot from G.H. Thompson in 1920.  Mr. Thompson operated a blacksmith shop on the property after he purchased […]
Charles Gould Residence Charles Gould Residence Young Street, Uxbridge – CIRCA 1884   The Charles Gould Residence was originally a farm property, it was owned by Joseph Gould and was inherited by his son Charles in 1886.   Charles and his brother Harvey ran the Gould Brothers Bank and the Gould Flour and Feed Store on Brock Street as […]
Samuel S. Sharpe Home Samuel S. Sharpe Home Circa 1877   The following is taken from the Township of Uxbridge – Heritage Register The Samuel S. Sharpe Home was “Initially built on a parcel of land circa 1877 by a local builder and known in the community as the “Mauder Mansion”, the building was originally purchased by the Sharpe […]
Brownscombe Residence “Gleeholme” Brownscombe Residence “Gleeholme”   Gleeholme was built somewhere between 1884 – 1901 by Charles W. Small.  Mr Small was the owner of the Uxbridge Piano and Organ Company which was located just north of this home.  It is believed that most of the material for the interior woodwork of the home came from his piano […]
A.H. Badgerow Residence A.H. Badgerow Residence   According to the Historic Homes and Heritage Buildings the earliest recorded owner of the property at the corner or Brock Street East and First Avenue was Wm T. Mason.  In 1882 Mr. Mason sold the property to a veterinarian named A.H Badgerow.  There was an old railway-house on the property which A.H Badgerow […]
John P. Plank Residence John P. Plank Residence – 1874   John P. Plank Residence was built in 1874 by John P. Plank who was one of the early founders of Uxbridge.    He came to Uxbridge in 1826 and built the first Inn and Tavern in town.   Later in 1828 he built a saw mill at Elgin Pond and […]
Dr. Mellow – Dr. Bascom House Dr. Mellow – Dr. Bascom House Circa 1863   The Dr. Mellow – Dr. Bascom House was built by Dr. Bascom around 1863 after he graduated from medical school and started his practice in Uxbridge. The house was originally built as a one and half storey with a gable above the front door.  The Bascom […]
George Wheler Residence George Wheler Residence   35 Toronto Street North, Uxbridge ON Built in 1878 The George Wheler Residence was once described as “the most commanding public residences in Uxbridge” by Francis Keller – publisher of the Uxbridge Times-Journal (1978)     The above photos taken in 1959 shows the home as it was seen from the […]
Stokes/Kydd House Uxbridge Stokes/Kydd House Uxbridge   The Stokes/Kydd House at it’s present day location on the grounds of the Historical Centre.  It is now where the museum staff work and holds several archives and artifacts.     The house was built in 1908 by George Stokes on a farm just east of the present day high school […]
The Gould-Carmody House The Gould-Carmody House (Late 1850’s)   The Gould-Carmody house was built in the late 1850’s by Joseph Gould, the first local MPP who had a major influence on the growth and success of Uxbridge.  The house stayed in the Gould family until it was sold to William Carmody in 1914. The house and farm where located […]
Uxbridge Historic Homes The Home Of Joseph Gould The Home Of Joseph Gould Toronto Street – Circa 1859   History of Joseph Goulds Home Joseph Gould was one of the town’s most influential business men and politician.  His home was constructed in 1859 on the current site of the Uxbridge Township Office.   Joseph Gould lived in this stately residence until his death in […]
Robert Mooney Residence Robert Mooney Residence –  122 Brock Street East (c.1874) The Historic Robert Mooney Residence: A Testament to Gothic Revival Architecture Nestled in the heart of our town, the Robert Mooney Residence stands as a stunning testament to 19th-century Gothic Revival architecture. This historic house, originally owned by Robert Mooney, a prominent local merchant, and his wife […]