Uxbridge Historic Homes October 5, 2022

Bascom – Williams House

Bascom – Williams House

70 Main Street – Circa 1872

Bascom - Williams House Today

Bascom – Williams House, 70 Main Street – Circa 1872

The above photo was taken in 2021.  Here you can see the enlarged dormer and front porch.


History of the Bascom – Williams House

According to the Uxbridge Heritage Register, the Bascom – Williams House built circa 1872 was a small square frame house that was later bricked but has since undergone a number of changes.  The property was originally owned by Dr. Joseph Bascom.  Dr. Basom owned all the land on the west side of Main St between Brock St and Mill St before he divided it up into lots during the 1850’s.  Ownership was transferred to his daughter Mary in 1872 and it is believed the house was built not long after that.  Mary married Alonzo D. Williams who was the first clerk for the Village of Uxbridge and held that position for 27 years before his death in 1899.  Alonzo Williams was the grandson of Elias Williams, who in 1831 became the first white settler in what is now Port Perry.


Bascom - Williams House

The above photo is Courtesy of Uxbridge – Scugog Historic Homes and Heritage Buildings By: Paul Arculus J. Peter Hvidsten.

The photo above taken circa 1900 shows the front porch and dormer before they were both enlarged.



The Uxbridge Heritage Register

Circa 1900 Photo courtesy of Uxbridge-Scugog Historic Homes and Heritage Buildings by: Paul Arculus and J. Peter Hvidsten