May 3, 2023

The Gould-Carmody House

The Gould-Carmody House (Late 1850’s)

The Gould-Carmody House

The Gould-Carmody House located at the Uxbridge Historical Centre


The Gould-Carmody house was built in the late 1850’s by Joseph Gould, the first local MPP who had a major influence on the growth and success of Uxbridge.  The house stayed in the Gould family until it was sold to William Carmody in 1914.

The house and farm where located just north of Uxbridge Arena and at the west end of Maple Street (my childhood neighbourhood).   As a kid this was the edge of town.  In 1988 the house was moved to the Uxbridge Historical Centre to its present location to make room for the present day Quaker Village subdivision.


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