Uxbridge Historic Homes April 24, 2024

Samuel Umphrey Residence

Samuel Umphrey Residence

(c. 1871)



Discover the captivating history of the Samuel Umphrey Residence, a Victorian Gothic marvel erected in 1871 by Samuel and Elizabeth Umphrey. With its charming decorative touches like the frieze on the verandah and the ornate bargeboard on the gable ends, this house leaves a lasting impression.



Teaming up with his brother-in-law R. P. Harman, Mr. Umphrey ventured into the business world, acquiring a planing mill and sash/door factory on Bascom Street. Previously a merchant in Udora, he transitioned smoothly into the role of director at the Uxbridge Cabinet Organ Company in 1873. Over the years, he rose to become its president and manager, leading the company through its transformation into the Uxbridge Piano and Organ Company by the late 1880s.


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