Uxbridge History Canadian Tire Uxbridge Canadian Tire Uxbridge A Journey Through Time: The Evolution of Canadian Tire in Uxbridge Nestled in the heart of Uxbridge, Canadian Tire has been a cornerstone of the community for almost a century, evolving alongside the town itself. From its humble beginnings in the historic Parish Block on Brock Street East to its modern-day location […]
Sharpe Farm Supplies Ltd Uxbridge Sharpe Farm Supplies Ltd Uxbridge In 1957 Stiver Bros opened their new building on Victoria Street next the railway tracks.   In 1965 H.H. Goode & Son moved their business to Uxbridge from Myrtle; where they started the business in 1910.   In 2020, after operating for 110 years the H.H. Goode & Son sold […]
Uxbridge Baptist Church Uxbridge Baptist Church – 1962   The new Uxbridge Baptist Church was officially opened on March 3 1962 one week after the final service was held at the old Baptist Church located at the top of the hill on the south side of Brock Street West. Below is the original Church located at 92 Brock […]
20 Bascom Street Uxbridge 20 Bascom Street Uxbridge In November 1957 the Uxbridge Times Journal moved from its Brock Street location to its new building at 20 Bascom Street.   At this time the paper was owned by Per & Leila Hvidsten.  The main floor of the new building had a room to display and sell office supplies and typewriters, office […]
Uxbridge History Fred Cook Real Estate Office Fred Cook Real Estate Office   Pictured above in 1968 is the Fred Cook Real Estate Office.  The office was located behind the Library on the site of the old Bell Tower.  The site is now the location of the Library addition.  My parents bough the home I grew up in; in 1971 from Morley Bruce […]
12 Spruce Street Uxbridge 12 Spruce Street, Uxbridge   The building was originally opened in 1945 as an egg grading station by Silverwoods Dairy. In 1954 the township purchased the building and renovated it to be the first municipal office in the towns history. The township later sold the building in 1974 when the Region of Durham was formed. […]
The Uxbridge Curling Club The Uxbridge Curling Club Seen above is the curling rink as it looks today.   In March 1960 Uxbridge curlers formed a committee to look into selecting a site and building a curling rink. 3 weeks later a site behind the old arena (now the site of the Seniors Centre) was selected. At the time […]
Main Street South Uxbridge Main Street South Uxbridge   The above photo courtesy of Uxbridge The Good Old Days By: Peter Hvidsten shows what the east side of Main Street South looked like in 1957.     Below we see the same veiw taken in 2022.   The commercial buildings and houses are still there but have all had some exterior changes during […]
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The Market Hall The Market Hall   The Market Hall was opened in October 1884 on the north east corner of Brock Street and Toronto Street. This building was erected two years after the original building was destroyed by fire. The lower floor was occupied by many different tenants over the years and Uxbridge council held its meetings […]
Uxbridge Coat of Arms Uxbridge Coat of Arms   In 1956, Uxbridge became the second town in Canada and the first in Ontario to receive an official coat-of-arms. Alan Beddoe of Ottawa, the Heraldy Advisor to the Royal Canadian Navy along with local officials and the College of Arms in London, England created the design which was taken to […]
1987 Chevy Nova Commercial 1987 Chevy Nova Commercial   In the 1980s Chevrolet filmed a commercial to promote the 1987 Chevy Nova.  The commercial had the car being lowered by a hot air balloon and delivered to the driveway of an excited couple.   They picked a site in Uxbridge that was perfect.  The first phase of theTesta Heights subdivision […]
Centennial Park Centennial Park   Centennial Park is located in downtown Uxbridge behind the township office and the stores on Brock Street. The Great Canadian Trail and the Uxbridge Historic Trail pass through the pavilion located in the park. In the 1800’s this area looked very different.  Back then the area was covered by Wheler’s Pond (seen […]
The Uxbridge Bell Tower The Uxbridge Bell Tower – 1884   In 1884 the bell tower was constructed as a Firehall and alarm bell.  The bell for the tower (seen below) was made in New York and installed in the tower in 1887.  The Joseph Goulds Mechanics Institute (Uxbridge Public Library) constructed in 1887 was to house the new […]
Isaac J. Gould Oatmeal Kiln Isaac J. Gould Oatmeal Kiln   The Isaac J. Gould Oatmeal Kiln was used to power the Oatmeal Mill that was built by Isaac J. Gould on the north shore of Elgin Pond (then known as Park Pond).  You can see the Kiln, which is still standing today, to the left of the mill in […]
Uxbridge Hospital Uxbridge Hospital   The sod was turned in May 1955 and equipment started construction on the new Hospital in October of the same year. After lack of funds and many delays the hospital finally opened on January 12th 1959.  The hospital has undergone renovations with additions in 1967 and 1996 – 1998. In April 1997,  the […]
Williamson Uxbridge Williamson Uxbridge   In 1947 Alex Williamson purchased the Imperial Oil station located at the corner or Brock Street East and Main Street and opened his Chevrolet-Oldsmobile dealership.  Williamson was located at this corner for more than 30 years.  To make room for his growing business Williamson moved his dealership south of downtown along highway […]
43 Brock Street West, Uxbridge 43 Brock Street West, Uxbridge   Every long time resident of Uxbridge will remember when 43 Brock St W was at it’s glory. In the late 1960’s Homan’s department store opened at this location.  I’m sure I am not the only one who remembers going shopping at Homan’s for their back to school clothing.  The […]
The Uxbridge Creamery The Uxbridge Creamery  Toronto Street South and Mill Street   The Uxbridge Creamery building originally was constructed by Joseph Gould and his son around 1886 on the north side Mill Street just east of Toronto Street.  The Gould’s would go on to run a successful business spinning wool here for many years. It is believed […]
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church   The above photo shows the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, located at 70 Toronto St N which was built in the late 1800’s.  The church was a landmark until it was torn down in 1963.  You can see in the photo below the demolition in progress.     The […]
114 Brock Street West, Uxbridge 114 Brock Street West, Uxbridge The Church of the Salvation Army / Uxbridge Smokehouse   The Church of the Salvation Army was officially opened and dedicated at 114 Brock Street West in Uxbridge on September 26th 1964 In the late 1980’s the building was purchased and converted to a resturant. Mad Millies Fish and Chips was located […]