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89 Toronto Street South

89 Toronto Street South

Presbyterian Church Manse

~ Circa 1875 ~


89 Toronto Street South Uxbridge

89 Toronto Street South Uxbridge ~ 2021


The History

89 Toronto Street South was constructed around 1875. The imposing structure is believed to have been built by Joseph Gould, a pivotal figure in the early establishment of our town, for his daughter Elizabeth, following her marriage to Reverend Edward Cockburn, a distinguished Presbyterian Minister. Reverend Cockburn served congregations at both the Chalmers Church in Uxbridge and the St. Paul’s Church in Leaskdale, leaving an enduring legacy of spiritual guidance and community service.

In 1881, the house underwent a transformation, transitioning into a manse—a residence for Presbyterian ministers. This designation persisted for over a century, until 1981, making it a cornerstone of our town’s religious and social history.

One particularly notable aspect of the manse’s history is its association with Reverend Ewan MacDonald, husband of Lucy Maud Montgomery, renowned author of the beloved Anne of Green Gables series. During the vibrant 1920s, Reverend MacDonald frequently visited the Uxbridge Presbyterian Minister at this residence, adding a touch of literary and historical significance to its already illustrious past.



In more recent times, the house underwent significant changes. In 2017, it found new ownership, leading to the addition of modern amenities and enhancements. An expansion at the rear, the addition of an attached garage, and the installation of a circular driveway have transformed the property, blending its storied past with contemporary comforts and conveniences.


Today, as the house stands amidst these updates and renovations, it serves as a tangible link to our town’s heritage—a reminder of its founding families, community leaders, and the enduring spirit that continues to shape our collective identity. Through its evolution, from a family home to a revered manse and now a modernized residence, this historic landmark remains a testament to the enduring legacy of those who came before us and the vibrant future that lies ahead.


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