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The Wheler House

The Wheler House




The Wheler House stands as a historical testament to the evolution of architectural styles and the adaptive reuse of buildings within the community of Uxbridge. Built in 1860 by Edward Wheler, this charming 1 1/2 storey Ontario Cottage style home originally sat at the corner of Brock and Main Street. Likely crafted from lumber sourced from George Wheler’s local mill, it symbolized the craftsmanship and resourcefulness of the era.

In 1871, the landscape of Uxbridge began to change, prompting the buildings relocation to its current site. Spearheaded by Ira G. Crosby, the Town Treasurer, this move marked a shift from residential to commercial development in the area. As the Wheler House settled into its new surroundings, it underwent a transformation reflective of changing architectural tastes.

Initially constructed in a plainer, almost Georgian-style, the Wheler House embraced elements of Gothic Revival architecture in the late 19th century. Intricate bargeboard and finials were added, infusing the home with decorative flair and echoing the romanticism of the Gothic Revival movement. These embellishments spoke to the aspirations and aesthetics of the time, enriching the visual appeal of the dwelling.

The early 20th century witnessed further enhancements to the home, as it embraced the Classical Revival influence. A porch, characteristic of the Classical Revival style, was incorporated into the design, providing both aesthetic charm and functional space for leisure and social gatherings.

Today, the Wheler House stands as a fusion of architectural styles, a testament to the enduring legacy of its builders and the rich history of Uxbridge. Its evolution over time reflects the adaptive spirit of the community, ensuring its continued relevance and significance for generations to come.



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