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The Methodist Parsonage

The Methodist Parsonage

 – 1878 –

40 Second Avenue


The Methodist Parsonage – Present Day

This photo taken in 2022 shows the house as seen from the corner of Dominion Street and Second Avenue. Below the house is viewed from Dominion Street.



History of The Methodist Parsonage

Located at the intersection of Second Avenue and Dominion Street, the Methodist Parsonage, now known as the United Church, stands as a silent witness to history. In 1878, the trustees of the Methodist Parsonage acquired the property from Joseph Gould and commissioned the construction of a red brick house, adorned with six gothic-style windows and a spacious verandah.

Over the years, the house underwent subtle alterations. The verandah’s grandeur was reduced, and the once vibrant red bricks were painted yellow. Decorative gingerbread, roof finials, shutters, and chimneys were removed, yet the essence of the house remained unchanged—a symbol of resilience and community.

Today, the Methodist Parsonage retains its allure, embodying the enduring spirit of generations past. Though its physical appearance has evolved, its significance as a symbol of faith and fellowship endures. It serves as a reminder of the individuals and families who have called it home, and the moments of joy and sorrow it has witnessed over the years.


The above photo courtesy of Uxbridge – Scugog Historic Homes and Heritage Buildings by Paul Arculus and J. Peter Hvidsten was taken from Joseph Gould’s photo album and shows what the Methodist Parsonage looked like in 1899.



This photo showing the south facade of the house was taken from a post card circa 1910. Courtesy of Uxbridge – Scugog Historic Homes and Heritage Buildings by Paul Arculus and J. Peter Hvidsten



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Credits: Uxbridge – Scugog Historic Homes and Heritage Buildings by Paul Arculus and J. Peter Hvidsten