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Albert Hardy House

Albert Hardy House

Circa 1875

30 Franklin Street

Albert Hardy House

Albert Hardy House – 30 Franklin Street – Circa 1875


In 1875, Albert Hardy, renowned for his craftsmanship as a piano tuner at the Uxbridge Piano and Organ Company, envisioned and constructed a distinctive dwelling that stands as a testament to his skill and creativity. This remarkable residence, boasting a style uncommon in Uxbridge, showcases the elegance of the Second Empire architectural design, often referred to as the Napoleon III style.

The defining features of this architectural marvel include a straight-sided mansard roof, accentuated by two hooded dormers adorned with intricate surrounds. Resonating with elements of the Italianate style, the cornice boasts scrolled brackets and a plain frieze, adding a touch of grandeur to the façade. A noteworthy highlight is the indented double entryway, distinguished by rounded lights and raised brick quoins, serving as a captivating introduction to the home’s interior.

Beyond its striking exterior, the Albert Hardy House boasts a wealth of captivating interior details, each contributing to its timeless charm and allure. From ornate molding to exquisite finishes, the residence embodies a harmonious blend of sophistication and craftsmanship, inviting visitors to step into a world of refined elegance and timeless beauty.



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