Uxbridge History

Uxbridge is located on the ancestral home of the Anishaanabe Nations (Ojibway, Cree, Huron, Wendat, Algonquin, Chippewa, Mississaugas). The first settlers in the area were Quakers who started arriving in 1806 along with other British Loyalists following the American revolutionary wars. Most settlers to the Township of Uxbridge came from the Catawissa area of Pennsylvania. The Uxbridge Friends Meeting House which overlooks the town from Quaker Hill was built in 1820, and is the community’s oldest building. The Toronto and Nipissing Railroad arrived in Uxbridge in 1871, and for over a decade Uxbridge was the headquarters of the railway. Shortly after the arrival of the railway, Uxbridge became a village in 1872, and reached town status in 1885. A lot of Uxbridge's past has been preserved throughout the township.  The Uxbridge Historical Centre is the hub for all things related to Uxbridge History.

Uxbridge History The Uxbridge Bell Tower The Uxbridge Bell Tower – 1884   In 1884 the bell tower was constructed as a Firehall and alarm bell.  The bell for the tower (seen below) was made in New York and installed in the tower in 1887.  The Joseph Goulds Mechanics Institute (Uxbridge Public Library) constructed in 1887 was to house the new […]
Uxbridge History Isaac J. Gould Oatmeal Kiln Isaac J. Gould Oatmeal Kiln   The Isaac J. Gould Oatmeal Kiln was used to power the Oatmeal Mill that was built by Isaac J. Gould on the north shore of Elgin Pond (then known as Park Pond).  You can see the Kiln, which is still standing today, to the left of the mill in […]
Uxbridge History Uxbridge Hospital Uxbridge Hospital   The sod was turned in May 1955 and equipment started construction on the new Hospital in October of the same year. After lack of funds and many delays the hospital finally opened on January 12th 1959.  The hospital has undergone renovations with additions in 1967 and 1996 – 1998. In April 1997,  the […]
Uxbridge History Williamson Uxbridge Williamson Uxbridge   In 1947 Alex Williamson purchased the Imperial Oil station located at the corner or Brock Street East and Main Street and opened his Chevrolet-Oldsmobile dealership.  Williamson was located at this corner for more than 30 years.  To make room for his growing business Williamson moved his dealership south of downtown along highway […]
Uxbridge History 43 Brock Street West, Uxbridge 43 Brock Street West, Uxbridge   Every long time resident of Uxbridge will remember when 43 Brock St W was at it’s glory. In the late 1960’s Homan’s department store opened at this location.  I’m sure I am not the only one who remembers going shopping at Homan’s for their back to school clothing.  The […]
Uxbridge History The Uxbridge Creamery The Uxbridge Creamery  Toronto Street South and Mill Street   The Uxbridge Creamery building originally was constructed by Joseph Gould and his son around 1886 on the north side Mill Street just east of Toronto Street.  The Gould’s would go on to run a successful business spinning wool here for many years. It is believed […]
Uxbridge History Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church   The above photo shows the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, located at 70 Toronto St N which was built in the late 1800’s.  The church was a landmark until it was torn down in 1963.  You can see in the photo below the demolition in progress.     The […]
Uxbridge History 114 Brock Street West, Uxbridge 114 Brock Street West, Uxbridge The Church of the Salvation Army / Uxbridge Smokehouse   The Church of the Salvation Army was officially opened and dedicated at 114 Brock Street West in Uxbridge on September 26th 1964 In the late 1980’s the building was purchased and converted to a resturant. Mad Millies Fish and Chips was located […]
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Uxbridge History Brock Street East N Uxbridge Brock Street East N Uxbridge Then and Now   The above photo (taken around 40 years ago) shows the block of stores on the south side on Brock St west of Main Street.    Back then from left to right: The El Lordon Tavern, Uxbridge Shoe Repair, Tim Harshaw Clothiers, possible The Deli.   Notice the […]
Uxbridge History Brock and Toronto Street Brock and Toronto Street Uxbridge, Ontario   The above Brock and Toronto Street photo shows what Brock Street from Toronto Street to Main Street looked like in the early 1890’s.  On the left side you can see the Market Building that was built in 1884 and then torn down in 1955 so that the building […]
Uxbridge History Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce   The Sterling Bank of Canada built this grand building on the corner of Brock St and Toronto St in 1919 and later became the home of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. According to Wikipedia , The Sterling Bank of Canada was a Canadian bank that was incorporated in […]
Uxbridge History Uxbridge Arena and Recreation Centre Uxbridge Arena and Recreation Centre   Pictured above is the Uxbridge Arena built in the early 1920’s.   It was located on Marietta Street, where the Seniors Centre is today.   Following a hockey game in 1935 the building burned to the ground.     In this aerial view you can see the arena that replaced the one that […]
Uxbridge History Church Street Uxbridge Church Street Uxbridge   The above photo taken from about 1908 looking south along Church Street to Toronto Street shows the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.  The church was opened for services on February 1, 1885. Originally constructed as a Gothic Style church, it featured ornate towers and spires.     The above photo was taken […]
Uxbridge History Spruce Street Uxbridge Spruce Street Uxbridge   The above photo looking north along Spruce Street Uxbridge towards the train station was taken around 1900.  On the left you can see The Revere House hotel.  This hotel was built by Fred Chinn in the 1870’s.       Over 100 years later looking north on Spruce Street we can […]
Uxbridge History Toronto-Dominion Bank Uxbridge Toronto-Dominion Bank Uxbridge   The agency of the Dominion Bank opened in Uxbridge in the 1870’s at the South East corner of Brock Street and Main Street. (shown above).     Above we see the same building from a similar vantage point taken in 2021.   In May 1979 The Toronto-Dominion Bank purchased land on […]
Uxbridge History Brock Street West Uxbridge Brock Street West Uxbridge   Here is a block of stores that is part of Uxbridge’s historic downtown on Brock Street West Uxbridge.   This photo was taken around 1925 and shows the stores along the south side of Brock Street at the top of the hill.   The above photo taken from a similar vantage […]
Uxbridge History Brock Street East at Bascom Street Brock Street East at Bascom Street   Brock Street East Early 1900’s Looking east towards the intersection of Main Street and Brock St E. At the intersection you can see the Dominion Bank on the south east corner and the Plank House hotel (Arlington Hotel) on the south west corner     Most of the buildings […]
Uxbridge History Uxbridge Music Hall Uxbridge Music Hall   The Ontario Hall In the 1850’s the hamlet of Uxbridge saw a large population expansion.  Thus, a place for citizens to come together for meetings, socializing, entertaining and for business arose.  Around 1865 a piece of land was leased where the present building now stands and the Ontario Hall was erected.  […]
Uxbridge History Brock Street East Uxbridge Brock Street East Uxbridge   Brock Street looking west taken circa 1900.   The building on the left is the Plank House hotel, later known as the Arlington Hotel.     Here we see the same view of Brock Street taken in 2021       1890s photo of Brock Street East looking towards the hill.  […]
Uxbridge History Main Street South Uxbridge Main Street South Uxbridge In the Past – Circa Late 1800’s   Above we see Main Street South viewd from the intersection of Main St S and Planks Lane taken in the late 1800’s.  Behind the trees on the side walk to the left is 38 Main Street or The Bascom-Mellow House, which was built […]