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Robert H. Perry Residence

Robert H. Perry Residence – Circa 1920

Robert H. Perry Residence

Robert H. Perry Residence – 2022


According to Uxbridge – Scugog Historic Homes and Heritage Buildings, this fieldstone home (the only one built within the town limits) was built by Robert Perry after he purchased the lot from G.H. Thompson in 1920.  Mr. Thompson operated a blacksmith shop on the property after he purchased it in 1904.  

Robert Perry was the manager of the Gold Metal Furniture Company.  The factory which was located behind the old co-op at the corner of Brock Street and Victoria Drive, which was destroyed by fire in 1944.   Read about the Gold Metal Furniture Company 

It is believed that the stone for the Robert H. Perry Residence was brought to town by rail and then delivered to the site by horse and wagon.   The home features clear oak trim, floors, stairs and doors (including French doors and sliding doors).  Some of the original features can still be found including some light fixtures, the door bell, a stained glass window and the oak front door.   A couple of other interesting features still in the home are parts of the water system which was located in the attic and a cistern located under the back deck.

To honour his Irish decent Mr. Perry had a form of a shamrock placed in the stone wall facing Planks Lane.   If you look closely at this wall you can also see the form of a person just below the shamrock.

The home has had very few owners since it was constructed by Mr Perry.  The Perrys sold it to Gordon and Amanda McLean in 1923 who lived in the house until they sold it to its current owners in 1961.


Robert H. Perry Residence

This photo shows the shamrock in the north wall of the Robert H. Perry Residence.


This photo shows the person in the north wall of the house.


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Uxbridge – Scugog Historic Homes and Heritage Buildings, By Paul Arculus J. Peter Hvidsten



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