Uxbridge Historic Homes

Uxbridge is located on the ancestral home of the Anishaanabe Nations (Ojibway, Cree, Huron, Wendat, Algonquin, Chippewa, Mississaugas). The first settlers in the area were Quakers who started arriving in 1806 along with other British Loyalists following the American revolutionary wars. Most settlers to the Township of Uxbridge came from the Catawissa area of Pennsylvania. The Uxbridge Friends Meeting House which overlooks the town from Quaker Hill was built in 1820, and is the community's oldest building. The Toronto and Nipissing Railroad arrived in Uxbridge in 1871, and for over a decade Uxbridge was the headquarters of the railway. Shortly after the arrival of the railway, Uxbridge became a village in 1872, and reached town status in 1885. You can enjoy and learn all the Uxbridge Historic Homes by following the Uxbridge Walking Tour Brochure. Unfortunately some of the Uxbridge Historic Homes have been lost over the years.  One example is Joseph Goulds stately manor that once stood where our town hall is now.   You can also learn about some of these homes as we add them to our blog,

Uxbridge Historic Homes The Home Of Joseph Gould The Home Of Joseph Gould Toronto Street – Circa 1859   History of Joseph Goulds Home Joseph Gould was one of the town’s most influential business men and politician.  His home was constructed in 1859 on the current site of the Uxbridge Township Office.   Joseph Gould lived in this stately residence until his death in […]
Uxbridge Historic Homes Robert Mooney Residence Robert Mooney Residence –  122 Brock Street East (c.1874) History of the Robert Mooney Residence According to the Uxbridge Walking Tour Brochure – The original owners of this house were Robert Mooney, a local merchant, and his wife Elizabeth. Local homebuilder and architect Johnston Brown built the home under the direction of Mr. Mooney. It is a […]
Uxbridge Historic Homes Bascom – Williams House Bascom – Williams House 70 Main Street – Circa 1872 The above photo was taken in 2021.  Here you can see the enlarged dormer and front porch.   History of the Bascom – Williams House According to the Uxbridge Heritage Register, the Bascom – Williams House built circa 1872 was a small square frame house […]
Uxbridge Historic Homes Albert Hardy House Albert Hardy House 30 Franklin Street – Circa 1875 History According to the Uxbridge – Cultural Heritage Walking Tour brochure Albert Hardy, who worked for the Uxbridge Piano and Organ Company as a piano tuner built this house in 1875.  The house is an unusual style for Uxbridge, built as Second Empire style, also known as […]
Uxbridge Historic Homes Harvey and Martha Gould House Harvey and Martha Gould House Circa 1877 The above image was taken in 2021 shows the house from the corner of Cedar Street and King St West.   History In 1886 Harvey Gould and his wife Martha purchased this house built by John C. Widdifield. The Gould family owned this home until 1930. Harvey Gould, […]
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