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The Thomas Foster Memorial

The Thomas Foster Memorial

The Thomas Foster Memorial


In the heart of the tranquil Uxbridge countryside we find The Thomas Foster Memorial, standing proudly as a testament to the remarkable achievements of a local legend, it offers a glimpse into a world where triumph, legacy, and artistic grandeur converge.

Thomas Foster, a quintessential local boy born on July 24, 1852 eventually ventured to the bustling city and found his fortune, rose to prominence as both a Member of Parliament and Mayor of Toronto. His legacy, woven into the fabric of his community, left an indelible mark that continues to resonate to this day. It’s fitting that a man of such stature would be commemorated in a manner befitting his legacy—a memorial unlike any other, nestled amidst the serene beauty of rural Uxbridge.



The Thomas Foster Memorial


Craftsmanship of the Foster

Inspired by the iconic Taj Mahal and infused with elements of Byzantine architecture, the memorial stands as a fusion of cultural influences, a masterpiece crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Solid bronze doors beckon visitors into a realm of unparalleled beauty, where hand-painted and fired stained glass windows cast kaleidoscopic hues across the interior. Beneath their gaze, the floors come alive with richly coloured terrazzo and marble mosaics, each intricately wrought with symbolic designs by some of the finest artisans of the time.


The Thomas Foster Memorial


The dedication ceremony of the Memorial, held on a Sunday morning in October 1936, marked the culmination of years of dedication and meticulous craftsmanship. Situated atop a gentle hill, the memorial commands attention from all angles, its unique design drawing the eye and stirring the soul. Its position, strategically placed five to six kilometres north of Uxbridge, ensures that it is easily visible from all directions, a beacon of beauty in the tranquil countryside.

Thomas Foster’s vision for the memorial was ambitious yet deeply rooted in a desire to honour his loved ones and serve his community. Seeking to emulate the grandeur of the Taj Mahal, he envisioned a structure that would provide a dignified resting place for himself, his wife, and his daughter Ruby, while also offering a sanctuary for communal burials. A removable slab in the floor allowed for coffins to be lowered into crypts below.

Yet, as with any ambitious endeavour, challenges arose. What began as a $100,000 project ultimately doubled in cost by its completion, a testament to Foster’s unwavering commitment to his vision. The project spanned three seasons, with the cornerstone laid in the fall of 1935 amidst ceremony and reverence.


The Thomas Foster Memorial


The Foster Today

Today, the Thomas Foster Memorial serves as a venue for various events, including concerts, weddings, and memorials. “Fridays at the Foster” is a recurring event held every Friday evening from June to September, featuring musical performances in the building’s acoustically-rich environment. Admission is by donation at the door.

Hours of Operation

The memorial is open for exploration from Wednesday to Sunday during July and August and guided tours can be arranged during May, June, and September.

The Thomas Foster Memorial stands not only as a symbol of love and remembrance but also as a testament to architectural beauty and artistic craftsmanship. It invites visitors to reflect on its history and the enduring legacy of Thomas Foster and his family.


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