Uxbridge History November 8, 2023

The Market Hall

The Market HallThe Market Hall


The Market Hall was opened in October 1884 on the north east corner of Brock Street and Toronto Street. This building was erected two years after the original building was destroyed by fire. The lower floor was occupied by many different tenants over the years and Uxbridge council held its meetings on the upper level for many years. The building saw many sellers and buyers over its history but eventually the aging building began to deteriorate and was demolished in the mid 1950s and the buildings we see here today were erected.


The Market Hall

The above photos show what Brock Street from Toronto Street to Main Street looked like in the early 1890’s and in 2021.  In the upper photo  you can see the Market Building on the left. Other notable structures are the Fire Hall, The Bascom House and the Trinity United Church in the background.  Unfortunately the Bascom House is the only one still standing. 


The above photo taken in 1954 shows the Santa Claus parade moving along Brock Street in front of the Market Hall not long before it was demolished.



Photos Courtesy of 

Uxbridge The First 100 Years and Uxbridge The Good Old Days – by: Peter Hvidsten and the Uxbridge Historical Centre.