Uxbridge History February 14, 2024

Canadian Tire Uxbridge

Canadian Tire Uxbridge

A Journey Through Time:

The Evolution of Canadian Tire in Uxbridge

Nestled in the heart of Uxbridge, Canadian Tire has been a cornerstone of the community for almost a century, evolving alongside the town itself. From its humble beginnings in the historic Parish Block on Brock Street East to its modern-day location on Toronto Street South, the journey of Canadian Tire in Uxbridge is a testament to resilience, growth, and adaptability.


24 & 26 Brock Street East

The story begins at 24 & 26 Brock Street East, where the first Canadian Tire store in Uxbridge found its home. Situated just west of Bascom Street, this brick structure, built in 1870, was part of the pioneering wave of brick buildings that shaped Uxbridge’s downtown landscape.

Canadian Tire Uxbridge


Canadian Tire Uxbridge


On another historical note in the above photo. The large window in the red square was the location of Canadian Artist, David Milne’s studio in the 1940’s. Later in the early 1950’s the same studio was used by Toronto Star cartoonist  Duncan Macpherson.

In the next photo you will notice that part of the big window has been bricked in. Also note the ‘S’ shaped building-washers that were used to stabilize the building.


Canadian Tire Uxbridge



Pictured above is the same strip of Brock Street taken in 2024.  The Canadian Tire Store was located where the Lemonade Stand and the new Uxbridge Tailoring are today.  Note the building has been renovated and the ‘S’ shaped building washers and the remnants of the large window have been covered over.


24 Spruce Street – Late 1950’s

In the late 1950s, the store underwent a transition, relocating to the corner of Spruce Street and Albert Street under the ownership of Associate Dealer Bob Wells. While no visual records capture this chapter of Canadian Tire’s history, the move marked a period of growth and expansion as the town flourished.


1 Banff Road – Early 1970’s

The next milestone in Canadian Tire’s journey came in the early 1970s when the store relocated once again, this time to the corner of Toronto Street and Banff Road. Owned by Associate Dealers Norm Kane and later Kevin Shay, this new location reflected the town’s burgeoning population and demand for modern retail amenities. Although the property is now under different ownership, remnants of Canadian Tire’s legacy remain in the form of service bays and a service entrance, serving as a nod to its past.

Canadian Tire Uxbridge

In 1994 I (Shane) started my Canadian Tire career part-time in the sports/seasonal department at the Banff Road location.



327 Toronto Street South – 1995 to present

However, it was in 1995 that Canadian Tire in Uxbridge reached a defining moment in its history. Under the continued ownership of Associate Dealer Kevin Shay, the store moved to its current location at 327 Toronto Street South. This relocation coincided with the introduction of the new “Class Of” store concept, showcasing wider aisles, brighter lights, and an expanded product selection. The store was taken over by Associate Dealer Patrick Higgins (Mr. Uxbridge) in 1998 and over the years, the store has undergone numerous renovations and expansions, including the addition of a full-service garden centre, further cementing its place as a vital retail hub in the community.



Canadian Tire Uxbridge


Today, Canadian Tire in Uxbridge stands as a symbol of endurance and adaptation, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity. Its journey from the quaint streets of downtown to its current bustling location mirrors the evolution of Uxbridge itself, reminding us of the rich history and vibrant spirit that define this charming town. As Canadian Tire continues to serve generations of Uxbridge residents, its story remains intertwined with the fabric of the community, a testament to the enduring legacy of a Canadian icon.


Canadian Tire Uxbridge

I continued my CTC career at the new location working for Kevin Shay. I helped Kevin open this new location then followed him when he opened the new Whitby location on Consumers Dr by the 401. When Kevin left the Whitby store I stayed on for a few years but ultimately came back to work for Pat. During my time I helped Pat renovate the store 3 times, one being when the addition went on the west end.


For a century, the iconic red triangle of Canadian Tire has stood as one of the most recognizable logos in Canadian history. Yet, its familiar form today belies a journey of evolution and transformation.  Take a journey through time and uncover the fascinating evolution of Canadian Tire’s visual identity over the past century.




Take a stroll through their timeline and revisit the most memorable and iconic moments in Canadian Tire’s history.



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Historical Photos courtesy of:

Uxbridge The Good Old Days – J. Peter Hvidsten

Pat Higgins – Associate Dealer, Canadian Tire Uxbridge


Canadian Tire logos courtesy of Canadian Tire