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Uxbridge Shell Service Station

 Uxbridge Shell Service Station

Peck Brothers Limited

Uxbridge Shell Service Station

The above photo shows Tony Peck and his daughter Katy on the day of his retirement after 40 years of fuelling and service Uxbridge residents vehicles.


Back in 1976, Tony Peck and Peck Brothers Limited assumed ownership of the Uxbridge Shell Service Station located at the intersection of Brock and Spruce Streets. For decades, Tony poured his heart and soul into running the business, overseeing operations until his well-deserved retirement on February 28, 2017. This particular gas station held a special distinction in the region—it was among the few remaining establishments that provided full-service options to its patrons.

The staff at this station went beyond mere transactions; they epitomized hospitality, offering not just fuel but also complimentary services like oil checks and window cleaning. Their friendly demeanor and dedication to customer satisfaction set them apart in an era where such personalized service was becoming increasingly rare.

As a child, I have vivid memories of riding our bikes to the station. Beside the service center doors, we found a lifeline for us youngsters—a pump offering free air to fill our tires. These simple acts of generosity and community spirit transformed the station from a mere refueling stop into a cherished cornerstone of local memories and traditions.


Uxbridge Shell Service Station

The above photo courtesy of Uxbridge The Good Old Days by: Peter Hvidsten, shows the service station around the 1950’s when it was the C.S. Brandon’s Shell Station.

In June 2017, the long-standing service station was demolished, and its fuel tanks were removed, marking the end of an era. Years of environmental contamination were addressed through thorough site cleanup. Although the physical structure vanished, memories of countless visits lingered, symbolizing the station’s impact on the community.


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Photos Courtesy of

Katy Peck

Uxbridge The Good Old Days by: Peter Hvidsten