Uxbridge History October 19, 2023

1987 Chevy Nova Commercial

1987 Chevy Nova Commercial

The above photo was taken from the commercial


In the 1980s Chevrolet filmed a commercial to promote the 1987 Chevy Nova.  The commercial had the car being lowered by a hot air balloon and delivered to the driveway of an excited couple.   They picked a site in Uxbridge that was perfect.  The first phase of theTesta Heights subdivision was complete and the cul-de-sac at the end of Ewen Drive would make the perfect spot to land the balloon as there were no trees yet on the properties to interfere.  The car was basically a shell so it would be light enough for the balloon to carry it.  To make sure the car landed right in the middle of the driveway they filmed in reverse.   They filmed the balloon lifting the car in the air and over the houses.  When the commercial was put together the film was rolled backwards making it appear that the balloon drifted in and landed the car perfectly in the driveway.

After the balloon had lifted the car up and out of sight it drifted away until it finally came down on the fourth green of the golf course.


Watch a clip from the 1987 Chevy Nova Commercial

You can view the commercial on YouTube here https://youtu.be/0JdIGdf-8P8


Here is an article from CBC on the shooting of the commercial (Chevy Nova, not a Cavalier)



The following photos were taken from the commercial


Below is an image of the French language printed add.