Uxbridge History Downtown Uxbridge North West Downtown Uxbridge North West Above:  View of Wixan’s Bridge and Post Office as seen today.   Below:  Similar view during the Santa Claus Parade in 1961.  The two houses in the background where torn down and replaced with the Post Office, Wixan’s Bridge and the parking lot.      
Uxbridge History Uxbridge’s Military Cannon Uxbridge’s Military Cannon The cannon sits on display near the old location of the beach, swimming area and docks of Elgin Pond where during the 50s, 60s & 70s it was a favourite spot for swimmers to hang their towels or lay on while drying off after a swim in the spring-fed water.   History […]
Uxbridge History Quaker Meeting House Quaker Meeting House or the Friends Meeting House     When Built According to the Quaker Meeting House’s website the building is the oldest structure in Uxbridge. It was built in 1820 and replaced an older building from 1809.  Located on Quaker Hill over looking Uxbridge from the west. The following is taken from the Quaker […]
Uxbridge History Elgin Pond Drinking Fountain Elgin Pond Drinking Fountain     Who remembers the drinking fountain at Elgin Pond? Located at the corner of Main St S and Mill St is the spring fed water trough.   Kids used to lay down in the trough to get soaked by the cold spring water and then jump into the pond, making the […]
Uxbridge History The Commercial Hotel The Commercial Hotel – 1868 The above photo taken in 2020 shows the Commercial Hotel in its present location at 37 Main Street N.   The building was home to the Hobby Horse Arms for many years, which featured one of the largest single malt scotch collection in the greater GTA.  There was a pub located […]
Uxbridge History Uxbridge Farmer’s Co-op Uxbridge Farmer’s Co-op   Growing up in Uxbridge the CO-OP was a thriving business and a place for all the local famers to get their supplies. We were always told to stay away from it as kids but we were attracted to all the equipment, tractors and trucks in the parking lot. The parking lot […]
Uxbridge History Road To Avonlea Set Road To Avonlea Set The set was constructed just south of Uxbridge. Road to Avonlea is a Canadian television series first broadcast in Canada between January 7, 1990, and March 31, 1996.   Who remembers driving by with the hopes of catching a glimpse of filming or seeing one of the stars?
Uxbridge History Uxbridge’s Fire Siren Uxbridge’s Fire Siren Who remembers Uxbridge’s Fire Siren? When there was a need to call the firefighters to the fire hall for an emergency the siren was activated and the entire town knew there was trouble somewhere. As kids, when we heard the siren go off we would stop whatever we were doing and pedal […]
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