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Welcome to our digital exploration of the fascinating history of Uxbridge, Ontario – a town whose origins stretch back to the early 19th century. Named after its English counterpart, Uxbridge, Ontario's history is a tapestry woven with stories of migration, community, and growth.

The first settlers to this area were Quakers, drawn by the promise of fertile lands and freedom of worship. Arriving in 1806 from the Catawissa area of Pennsylvania, these pioneers laid the foundation for what would become Uxbridge Township.

Formally incorporated as a municipality in 1850, Uxbridge Township quickly became a thriving hub within the newly formed Ontario County. Over the years, the township evolved, adapting to changing times and societal shifts.

In 1974, a significant milestone marked Uxbridge's history as it became part of the Regional Municipality of Durham. This amalgamation saw the creation of an expanded Township of Uxbridge, encompassing the Town of Uxbridge and Scott Township.

Uxbridge's ties to its past are not just historical; they're deeply intertwined with its present. The town is twinned with Catawissa, Pennsylvania, a nod to its roots and the many settlers who embarked on the journey from there.

In 1956, Uxbridge achieved another milestone, becoming the second town in Canada and the first in Ontario to receive an official coat-of-arms, a symbol of its unique identity and heritage.

In the Township of Uxbridge, we celebrate our heritage and work to build a strong sense of culture and community. Learn more about our arts and culture scene, review our heritage register, apply for a heritage pride plaque or explore our local history by visiting the museum. Join us as we delve deeper into the vibrant history of Uxbridge, exploring the people, events, and landmarks that have shaped this remarkable community over the centuries.

Uxbridge Historical Centre


Founded in 1972, the Uxbridge Historical Centre (UHC) is dedicated to safeguarding the history and heritage of the Township of Uxbridge. Through exhibitions, programs, workshops, camps, tours, and other initiatives, the UHC brings the past to life. Situated on a picturesque 5-acre site overlooking the stunning Uxbridge Valley and Oak Ridges Moraine, the UHC comprises 10 buildings housing over 10,000 artifacts and archives.

Heritage Register

Bascom House Hotel Plaque

Uxbridge Township maintains a heritage register comprising properties designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. This register facilitates the identification and evaluation of properties to determine their need for heritage conservation, recognition, or long-term protection, including designation.

Heritage Walking & Drive Tour

Heritage Uxbridge Walking Tour

Would you like to delve into the architectural treasures that define our community's rich heritage? Embark on a heritage walking or driving tour and immerse yourself in the cultural landmarks that shape our town. It's an enriching experience that promises a memorable day out with friends and family, offering a deeper understanding of our shared history and a chance to explore the stories behind our beloved landmarks.

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