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Uxbridge Train Station

First train station in Uxbridge

Here we see the original Uxbridge Train Station in a photo taken shortly after it was built in 1870. A Toronto & Nipissing locomotive pulling a passenger train is about to stop at the station. Courtesy of the Port Perry/Scugog Township Heritage Gallery.


The Toronto & Nipissing Railway built the first Uxbridge station in 1870.   For many years the station was operated by the Grand Truck Railway and in 1904 the station we know today with its “witch’s hat” roof was built, shown below.


The Witch’s Hat Station


The Witch's Hat Station in Uxbridge

Uxbridge station in May 1966. Courtesy of the Ingenium Digital Archives.


Uxbridge Railway Station with its most notable feature, the large “witch’s hat” roof above the circular waiting room in 1909. Photo courtesy of Uxbridge The First 100, Page 102 by: J. Peter Hvidsten


The train station seen looking north along Spruce Street

In this photo taken around 1900 looking north along Spruce Street we can see the Uxbridge Railway Station at the end of the street with the Revere House on the left. The Revere House hotel, which was conveniently located across from the train station was built in the 1870s by Fred Chinn. Photo courtesy of Uxbridge The First 100 Years, page 152, by: J. Peter Hvidsten


The Revere House hotel across from the train station

The Revere House hotel built by Fred Chinn in the early 1870s on Spruce St.,opposite the railway station. Photo courtesy of Uxbridge The First 100 Years, page 50, by: J. Peter Hvidsten.



The first passenger train came into town in 1871.  In 1920s the line became part of the Canadian National Railway and serviced the town for many more years.   In 1978 the station was closed to passengers while freight service continued until the 1980’s.  Uxbridge received its last delivery of mail by train in April 1960 and on December 31 1961 the last passenger train passed through town.  The tracks north of Uxbridge were removed and turned into part of the Trans-Canada Trial.


Uxbridge Train Station Today

Uxbridge Train Station

This photo taken in 2020 shows the Uxbridge Train Station as it appears today.


The Township of Uxbridge purchased the station and is now the home of the York-Durham Heritage Railway (YDR).  Since 1996 the YDR has operated the station and runs historical train rides between Stouffville and Uxbridge.   The train now brings tourists from all over to enjoy the train and our town.   The YDR has had many popular events including A Day Out With Thomas,  Harry Potter Themed Train and The Polar Express.

Visit the York-Durham Heritage Railway at www.ydhr.ca

You can read more about the history of the Uxbridge Train Station by visiting the Toronto Railway Historical Association


The York Durham Heritage Railway (YDHR) operates out of the train station



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The Toronto Railway Historical Association

Uxbridge The First 100 Years by: J. Peter Hvidsten


Uxbridge Station – Toronto Railway Historical Association 

York-Durham Heritage Railway