St Paul's Anglican Church, Uxbridge

St. Paul's Anglican Church - 1888

There are a variety of places of worship throughout the Township of Uxbridge, each offering a unique space for spiritual reflection and community connection. From historic to modern churches, Uxbridge embraces diversity in its religious landscape, catering to a range of faiths and beliefs. Whether you're seeking solace in a traditional sanctuary, participating in vibrant communal rituals, or simply exploring the architectural beauty of these sacred spaces, Uxbridge's places of worship provide a welcoming environment for individuals and families to nurture their spiritual journeys. As integral parts of the community, these establishments foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry that defines Uxbridge Township.


Living Water Community Church

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church

70 Toronto Street North

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church Uxbridge

St. Andrew's-Chalmers Presbyterian

40 Toronto Street South


St. Paul's Anglican Church

59 Toronto Street South

St Paul's Anglican Churcheve

Trinity United Church

20 First Avenue


Uxbridge Baptist Church

231 Brock Street West

Uxbridge Baptist Church

Uxbridge Free Methodist Church

81 Reach Street


Goodwood Baptist Church

283 Durham Regional Hwy 47

Goodwood United Church

3999 Concession 3

Goodwood-Uxbridge Lutheran Church

555 Scugog Line 9


Leaskdale St. Paul's Presbyterian Church

12251 Regional Road 1


Sandford United Church

405 Sandford Road


Zephyr Missionary Church

14209 Durham Regional Road 39

Zephyr United Church

12990 Durham Regional Road 39