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Ira Crosby Residence

Ira Crosby Residence

– Circa 1873 –

49 First Avenue, Uxbridge


Ira Crosby Residence

Ira Crosby Residence as seen from First Ave


History of the Ira Crosby Residence.

In 1873, Ira G. Crosby embarked on a remarkable journey, purchasing a prime lot at the intersection of First Avenue and Dominion Street from Joseph Gould. On this plot, he commissioned the construction of a striking yellow brick residence, destined to become a cherished abode for his family. Legend has it that the very bricks adorning this elegant home were sourced from the nearby Gould Brick Yard, adding a touch of local history to its walls.

Over the decades, the residence exchanged hands, each owner leaving their mark on its storied legacy. In 1900, the baton passed to the Goodrich family, who nurtured the house until 1929 when it found a new custodian in Charlotte Smith. Notably, in 1944, Major James Wood, instrumental in securing the Uxbridge Coat of Arms, became the proud owner, infusing the home with a sense of civic pride and heritage.


Ira Crosby Residence

The Ira Crosby Residence from the corner of First Ave and Dominion St.


In 1955, the residence welcomed Duncan and Dorothy McPherson, with Duncan’s reputation as one of Canada’s finest cartoonists adding a creative flair to its ambiance. However, the lure of Toronto beckoned the couple in 1959, prompting a change in ownership as Alex and Ema Williamson stepped into its halls.


As seen from Dominion St.


Alex’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident in his acquisition of the Imperial Oil station at the corner of Brock Street East and Main Street in 1947, where he established a thriving Chevrolet-Oldsmobile dealership. Eventually, the Williamsons expanded their enterprise, necessitating a move to a new location, yet their connection to the storied Crosby Residence remained a cherished chapter in the annals of Uxbridge’s history.


Ira Crosby Residence

The above photo shows the Crosby House around 1900. Taken from Uxbridge – Scugog Historic Homes & Heritage Buildings by: Paul Arculus J. Peter Hvidsten.



Uxbridge – Scugog Historic Homes & Heritage Buildings by: Paul Arculus J. Peter Hvidsten


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